07 May - 09 May 2017

Gallagher Convention Centre, Johannesburg, South Africa

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Free Seminars By Top Industry Speakers

Some of the topics you can look forward to in the popular free-to-attend HOST-ED Theatre:

  • The rise of quick service: implications for retail, restaurateurs and hospitality.
  • The future of food: 2017 - 2030.
  • The proposed National Liquor Amendment Bill - implications and ramifications.
  • Consumer is King! Demystifying Millennial’s in the food & beverage industry.
  • Innovative new product development: creating food and beverages fit for the future.

Seminar Programme

7 May 2017Sunday

10h00 Transforming the future of food: 2017 – 2030 View Decription
11h00 2017 Economic outlook – implications for the SA food & hospitality industry View Decription
12h00 Use it or Lose it? 2017 Sizzling food & beverage trends View Decription
13h00 Follow the money: Opportunities in food & beverage NPD View Decription
14h00 Ethical eating: The conscious shift in consumer mindsets drving purchase decisions within the food industry View Decription
15h00 Halaal – Understanding the inticacies… View Decription

8 May 2017Monday

10h00 Grading SA hotels View Decription
10h30 Hotel Panel discussion - What’s HOT in SA’s Hotel Industry? An engaging discussion View Decription
11h00 The business of food & hospitality: 5 trends each SME owner needs to watch out for View Decription
12h00 Simple & Snappy: The rise of quick service and shifts in customer traffic View Decription
13h00 The Sugar Tax Conundrum – Sweet deal or bitter consequences? View Decription
14h00 Culinary mastery: Show stoppers defining SA’S top Restaurants View Decription
15h00 Setting the scene: The guilt free approach to sustainable sourcing View Decription

9 May 2017 Tuesday

10h00 The DTI’s 2017 road map for growth in the South African food, beverage and hospitality industry View Decription
11h00 Consumer sovereignty: Demystifying the millennial medley in food & beverage consumption View Decription
12h00 PROPOSED FOOD LABELING REGULATIONS: Implications for the hospitality, food & beverage value chain. View Decription
12h00 The proposed national Liquor Amendment Act: Industry implications View Decription
13h00 SA hospitality outlook: Is a growth spurt in sight? View Decription
14h00 What’s HOT in SA’s Hotel Industry? - an engaging discussion from a commercial and boutique hotel perspective View Decription
15h00 Exporting products for growing consumer markets: The launchpad toolkit View Decription

*Programme subject to change. The organisers reserve the right to change the programme.